Một, hai, ba, vô! Sound familiar? You embraced the party mood enthusiastically last night. Perhaps too enthusiastically. This morning is a blur of pain and regret. We’re not judging – we know the drill. So much so that we’ve got a list of local hangover helpers. You can find the below without too much trouble, even with zero local knowledge and minor brain damage.


You should have prepped last night. Our pick of pre-game food: bún chả – vermicelli noodles and fatty grilled pork. Perfect to line the stomach and absorb future sins. Other than that? Hydrate. Fresh dừa tươi. Sinh tố mãng cầu – mango smoothie. Soda chanh – lemon soda. Is ice safe in Vietnam? It’s safer than too much alcohol.

Hanoi Hangover “cures”:

  • 7-Up Revive. Available from Circle K everywhere.
  • Phở. Give Danang-style mi quang noodles a try (Mì Quảng Mỹ Sơn in District 1). Can’t move? Dial from your bed.
  • Bánh xèo (xèo = sizzle bánh = cake). A true Hanoi dish. Perhaps the world’s greatest hangover food.
  • Trà atisô – artichoke tea. Rumored to liver cleanse and detoxify. Warning: the black one is vile – get the light-colored sugary version.
  • Cà phê sữa đá – sweet coffee. This version has condensed milk because you need sugar. Get the local speciality, cà phê trúng – egg coffee – if you can stomach it.
  • The Joma New York Bagel Egger. A classic. Deliverable to your door.
  • Boganic A local herbal “gastro intestinal drug” with artichoke leaf, morning glory and other medicinal herbs.
  • Fry up and Bloody Mary. There’s no place like Home 38 for an all-day English Breakfast. Put the hangover off until tomorrow.

Ready for round two? Try some Hair of the Dog in Hoàn Kiếm District, or try another local favorite.