Escaping the concrete jungle is something all of us big city dwellers need from time to time. Breathe some fresh air, see the sea, scale a mountain. We like to get back to roots, or in this case, aim for the trees instead.

A perfect Hanoi escape. 40km from the city center. 40km away from reality.

Introducing: Nhà Bên Rừng U Lesa Homestay.

Check into a treehouse-like room with floor to ceiling windows that offer unspoiled views of the North Vietnamese forest. Explore on foot, two wheels or bring a drone and see the world from a new perspective.

We love the fact that this place has everything you need from a hotel escape, but nothing extra from the city. Bring some food and have a barbecue, lounge in a hot tub, or read a book around the bonfire. Build it your way, because you deserve it.

Make new friends, grow closer to loved ones or just take the time to love yourself. This is more than a hotel; this is an adventure.

Nhà Bên Rừng is designed for traveler 2.0: The ones looking to disconnect while still taking it all in.

What to bring:

  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Clothes – Day/night/wet/sunny (nature has a habit of changing at a moment’s notice)
  • Campsite essentials (read: marshmallows)
  • Snacks and BBQ meats – coals are provided but grilling it a personal experience

This is a Hanoi city escape turned on its head. Be prepared. Be inspired… we sure are!

Facebook: Nhà Bên Rừng