Festive greetings from Vietnam! As most countries in Indochina, Vietnam celebrates Christmas in a very special way – with fun, drinks and lots of shopping. Far away from the snowy scenes you usually associate with Christmas, our tropical take on the holiday spans our cities and overtakes our streets – after all, there’s no better excuse for another party!

As soon as Halloween is over, up go the Christmas lights and out come the seasonal discounts. Malls light up, bars go into overdrive and despite everyone having a different take on the festivities – everyone seems to join forces and enjoy the moment together.

Here are some of the best places in Vietnam to catch the Christmas lights before they are gone – most will stay up until New Year at least!

Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon

Nguyễn Huệ Boulevard, Saigon

Saint Joseph Cathedral, Hanoi

Any Mall

Seriously, every mall is going to be going overboard this year, you can’t miss it.

Most Bars

From makeshift tinsel hats to full blown Christmas parties – most bars will be doing something to mark the holiday. Why not check our list of favourite bars and pick one?

Saigon – click here.

Hanoi – click here.

Hotels are also a must visit during the season, whether it’s for a lavish five course Christmas spread or for festive games and drinking buffets. Wink will be joining the trend too, as soon as our sled is ready for flying.

So, regardless of where you end up this festive period, make sure to read our hangover guide and prepare to nurse that head of yours – or failing that just carry on through to New Year. That’s what we’ll be doing.

So, for another year (almost), Wink out.