We know you’ll have plans by now. A cool bar, a concert, a club. Your outfit is already prepared and your body detoxed, ready for an onslaught of dancing, drinking and letting your hair down.

What you’ve not prepared for is January 1st. That blur of a day when you need to collect yourself, delete those embarrassing photos of last night (or share them on social media if you’re still a little tipsy) and recover from your hangover. We know, because we’ll be doing it too.

Luckily for you, we have just the remedy. Follow these steps and you’ll be on the road to recovery in no time!

MUST DOs for the day before:

Don’t make plans

Make sure you have nothing to do on January 1st, except sleep, watch some feel good movies and follow our hangover plan. If you have any errands to run, try to put them off now. When you’re hungover you neither want to go nor face blowing that person off – so get it out of the way now. Better still, invite that person out with you to celebrate so they’ll be just as hungover as you!

Charge your laptop

Get that laptop charged up and ready to go with Netflix or some dusty DVD box set you watch just once a year. When you wake up you’ll be doing two things – checking social media, untagging embarrassing photos and ignoring the world through a full screen movie.

Stock your fridge

There’s nothing worse than heading out in the heat of the day in search of something to eat when you’re hungover. Instead, stock your fridge a day early with all the best hangover food and drink you can buy. This is going to be a big one so treat yourself to the good stuff – instant noodles, oven pizzas and Coca Cola. Save the kale and chia seed nonsense for another day.

For the hangover itself:

Wash yourself

Yes, despite it being the last thing you want to do, get up and throw yourself in the shower. The suffering will pay dividends in a few hours, believe us. And before you ask, yes you can go back to bed afterwards, but now you’ll be clean of any grossness from your unflattering hangover sleep and look just like they do in the movies.

Make yourself a Bloody Mary

Trust us, this will do wonders for your recovery. Tomato juice, two shots of the finest vodka, a glug of Tabasco a squeeze of lemon and a dash of Worcestershire Sauce if you have it. Take this concoction back to bed and sip it down while you prepare a movie. Top tip: save the coffee for later.

Netflix and chill

The next step is crucial. Full of tomato juice, you’ll have no need to go through the effort of making food you’ll inevitably not eat. Those two shots of vodka? They just brought you another few hours of sleepy time. Pop in a DVD, click play and watch it until you doze off. If you’re really feeling bad, now is a good time to pop some paracetamol too, regardless of what the doctors say.

Brave lunch

By the time you wake up, it’ll be lunch time. Or if you first woke up at lunch time, you’ll be ready for an early dinner. Boil some instant noodles or whack a pizza in the oven. Fill up on carbs and leave the leftovers for later. Down a liter of water and get back into bed for an afternoon movie matinee.

Go out for dinner

After a fully lazy day, the final step to recovery is to get out and do something. A day in bed, even with the worst hangover, can leave you with some mild cabin fever. By getting out and about, you’ll battle through those lingering aches and pains and perk right up. Wear your best dress or put on your smartest jeans and strut your stuff at a mall or city market – somewhere that’ll distract you and finally wake you up. Grab some food with friends and refill that social-meter The Sims style.

Bed…or maybe more beers

If you’re careful enough not to get a second wind and end up boozing it up again, you can sleep easy in the knowledge that tomorrow you’ll be right as rain. If you do end up out on the town again and happen to be in Hanoi, then check out our Hanoi hangover recovery article for your hangover recovery-recovery plan.