Sustainability is a way of life. A necessity in a fast-paced Asian hub like the one we call home. And in this age of single-use plastic bags, disposable straws and climate change, finding new ways to up your sustainability game has never been so important.

Wink is a lifestyle ambassador for the Indochine 2.0 generation, and we’re eager to introduce you to brands that get it. Here’s a list of four. Each creates fabulous, sustainable products in Vietnam.  Let’s get some style in your lifestyle.

Clever Changes

We live in a single-use society, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Clever Changes produces a range of range of everyday items from bamboo, making it easier to quit plastic! And their products have an aesthetic edge, too. Why use a plastic toothbrush when bamboo is so accessible? It literally grows on trees! Check out Clever Changes to get your new snazzy, yet sustainable, items.


Lai Day Refill Station

Shampoo bottle running low? Toothpaste down to its last squeeze? What if you didn’t have to throw all those empties away? You may have used up what’s inside, but the bottle is still good as new. Bring it down to Lai Day and refill your empty bottles. Talk about decreasing your carbon footprint! And they also only support local brands, so while you’re helping the environment, you’re also helping the local economy. Two for the price of one.



Look drop-dead gorgeous without telling the planet to drop dead. Metiseko takes inspiration from natural landscapes and cultural traditions to design high-end fashion with contemporary style. Straight from the highlands of Vietnam, Metiseko only uses organic cotton and refined silk for its masterpieces. It’s time to start dressing in mother nature’s timeless style.


Blueberry Night Concept 

This sustainable new concept supports both the community and your neck after a long day at work. Blueberry Night’s pillows take on that iconic Vietnamese floral look, each handmade by local seamsters. One-hundred-percent made in Saigon, and offering plenty of support for local NGOs, Blueberry Night couldn’t get much more conscientious.