Photo Exhibition

@ Toong Minh Khai, Ho Chi Minh City

Now – 18 March 2019

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This is Indochine 2.0 – Through the Eyes of Wink.
You may ask, Indochine 2.0? Well, through our eyes it’s the best that Vietnam has to offer. The most charming elements of Vietnamese traditions with a modern day understanding that changes and transforms all facets of life. It’s the younger generation looking forward to different future and it’s a core theme of Wink Hotels. Whether you would like to define Wink as a lifestyle or a hospitality brand, we call it a DISRUPTIVE MOVEMENT.

Indochine 2.0 – Movements of Change
Informed and Empowered, Wink represents a new breed of modern traveler that’s partial to Indochina – a region on the cusp of its next stage of evolution. Wink Hotels is preparing to offer a hospitality experience unlike any before. It’s a celebration of what the region has overcome and more importantly, what it will become. Wink embraces time-honored values and strives to find harmony between modernity, innovation, efficiency and the city vibe, sharing the vivid impression of the local destination and the brand onto everyone we meet.

What about the Photo Exhibition?
Back in December 2018, Wink organized a popular photo competition where people from all around Vietnam shared their vision of what Indochine 2.0 means to them. For us, photos were welcome from everywhere. Amateur or pro, we were looking to see how locals expressed the AUTHENTICITY of Vietnamese culture and its intersection with modernity through the medium of photography. We asked people to send in photos under the following categories:

– Hotels (#WinkHotels)
– Food (#WinkFood)
– Events (#WinkEvents)
– Fashion (#WinkFashion)
– People (#WinkPeople)

After receiving over 500 photo submissions from all types of people from across Vietnam, Wink is delighted to host an exhibition as an extension of the competition – showcasing some of the best pieces shared with us. Pieces that we feel are fully in line with the vision Wink has of Indochine 2.0.

We would like to thank all of the participants for sharing with us their stories. Join, enjoy and peruse the incredible art in this room. This is Indochine 2.0 as we imagined it, and or imagination is only growing.

Make sure to visit our very first Wink Hotel, opening in Q2 2020 in Ho Chi Minh City. Thank you to all the visitors for embracing the diversity of perspectives by joining us today.

May this exhibition broaden your horizons, as it has done ours!

Warmest regards,
Wink Hotels Team