“Wink Hotels are a disruptive luxury hotel chain that broke ground on their first site in Saigon’s District 1 late last year. Already, they have further developments progressing in Danang and Hanoi. Instead of filling their properties with antiques and references to the old Indochine-era, as upstarts in the industry, they wanted to explore the idea of Indochine 2.0—the current era that they are a part of shaping. To do that they organized a photography competition; to view the concept through the eyes of young Vietnamese creatives.

“Here, four of the finalists explore how they are reclaiming the term “Indochine” in their works.”

English: http://vietcetera.com/indochine-2-0-four-vietnamese-photographers-define-indochine-today/ 

Tiếng Việt: http://vietcetera.com/vn/indochine-2-0-qua-ong-kinh-cua-nhung-nguoi-tre-yeu-nhiep-anh/