Vietnam is changing. No longer is the only option for after-work beers a local bottle of lager enjoyed on a plastic stool. Now craft beers are taking over the scene, presented in all manner of ways – from fancy bars to roadside markets.

Sure, you can still enjoy a cheap local beer but why would you with the hundreds of micro-breweries bottling all kinds of rich, hoppy, fruity and refreshing ales, lagers and stouts. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam consumed 3.8 billion litres of beer in 2016 – a number that’s most certainly increased since this beery boom!

From humble 3% local Bia Hoi beginnings, Vietnam is now exploding with flavour. At Wink, we love to see brands popping up combining old flavours with modern techniques and all types of fusions! So without further ado, grab a bottle, crack it open and enjoy this list of our favourite Vietnamese craft beers to date!

Winking Seal

We love this brand, but maybe we’re biased – they did do a special brew for us in a custom made can at our last event. That aside, the beers they come up with are stylishly modern but classically Vietnamese.

East West Brewing Co

East meets West in a selection of brews that are packed with local flavours distilled with Western techniques. They also have a series of seasonal beers released every month of the year, all of which are worth a try!

7 Bridges Brewing Company

Vietnam in origin, innovative in style. These experimental beers are brewed in the seaside town of Danang. Their mission – to make Danang a craft beer haven for Southeast Asia. One of their main beers, Sunset Weizen, is a traditional wheat beer with notes of Indochine throughout!

Furbrew Beer

Made in Hanoi, this craft beer is proud of its imported ideas and locally brewed beers that are gaining in popularity across the city. We love their Hanoi Saison farmhouse ale or the Fresh Pineapple beer that’s fruity and a little sour!

Hanoi Cider Co

Okay, this is not technically a craft beer, but it’s a craft something! The natural sweetness and aromatic hops combine to make one of Vietnam’s best craft ciders (in our opinion anyway!), best enjoyed with some ice, outside, and most importantly, with friends.